Got these prada bags outlet because the price felt good. But you often get what you pay for and I just can't see Prada's hottest selling shade style for much less than the $290 pricepoint. They felt of solid quality but when compared to the exact pair I got from Saks, the case was shedding all over my prada shoes, the weight felt different and the "Prada" logo on the side didn't look right. SO I sent them back. From far away, they could land as legit but for me, I don't do questionable. I also don't spend that much on plastic unless it's the real deal. Great customer service as the refund was in my account before they received the package.
I absolutely love prada saffiano bags, especially designer shades! So when I saw these on pinterest, I knew I had to have them! I actually bought mine off ebay (brand new still in box with cert. of auth.) for $192 and free shipping... I am in love! The lenses are definitely oversized, which I LOVE love LOVE! They are sooo cute and really look great on any face shape! My only complaint is that the frames seem to be a little large too, I'd say I have an average sized (female) head and they are constantly sliding down my nose, especially when I look down or even lean forward slightly.... But for these, I can deal :) happy birthday to me!
I stalked this frame. And I preyed on them. I got them and the spark just wasnt there. We had a very short honeymoon due to the ear thingys being uber tight behind my ears & causing a kind of dull headache.Now they do stop traffic! Especially with a ponytail and a color on the pout.plenty of compliments. I couldve used them on steroids!.BIGGER would've made them even more grand! Still- me likes. Buuut my cheating eyes spy this pairs nemesis. This is a pair of prada shoes that you can wear will riding a bike, or looking down at your watch on the beach and not feel worried that they are going to fall off and be ruined, so that somewhat makes up for the feared durability that these may have. Another plus is that the arms do flex (not listed), they actually flex inside the arm instead of the hinge (pretty neat), I was very pleased with that and it gives them a nice touch of comfort (you don't get that binding/none tailored feel of a solid hinge setup).